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Gold Dore Bars

Gold Dore Bars are sourced in West Africa where we have established relationships with local Miners and Mining Communities .

Ethical Trading

Our C.E.O. has Family ties in West Africa and our Company is committed to ensuring that the gold prices paid to local Miners and Miners Co-operatives are based on the LBMA price - at the time of sale - less an agreed discount.



Goldfella - acting on behalf of Gulf Gold Refinery Services of Dubai - are pleased to offer miners the opportunity to monetise small quantities of gold - on site.
This cash can be used to  make payment for local taxes and export costs - on future consignments which are shipped to Gulf Gold Refinery Services in Dubai.
Gold must be in the form of Dore Bars and up to 5 kilos can be monetised at one time .
This is how the Monetisation scheme works ; -
1. Following an intial on-site meeeting between our C.E.O. and the miner - or miner's co-operative - & the testing of the Gold for sale - Goldfella will lodge a $15,000 engagement fee with Gulf Gold /Refinery Services Bank - on their behalf.
2. This $15,000 engagement fee is fully refundable to Goldfella and will be repaid from the proceeds of the Gold Sale.
3. After the engagement fee has been paid into Gulf Gold Refinery Services Bank then our C.E.O. will arrange for cash to be available to pay for the purchase of the Gold
4. Our C.E.O. will fly to the miner or seller and, on-site , he will test the gold for a second time – using a static Niton XRF analyser
5. The purity or karat of the gold is then to be agreed between the seller and our C.E.O.
6. Payment will then be made – at the agreed rate – in cash.
7. Finally, our C.E.O. will hand-deliver the gold to Gulf gold Refinery Services in Dubai - for assay & sale.


Peter Murray


Peter has extensive experience of Production and Distribution. After more than 30 years, working on three Continents , as a Director with several non-ferrous Metals & Chemical Engineering Companies - he started dealing in Gold Dore Bars in 2015. His involvement has been characterised by his insistence of a fair deal for miners. Peter is based in Barnstaple, U.K.

Stephen Klutse

Commercial Manager

Stephen is an Honours Graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah Business School in Accra. He is primarily responsible for exploring new business opportunities & implementing financial strategy. Stephen is based in Accra, Ghana